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Use Acid Stain to Beautify Walkways, Concrete Walls, Plazas and Patios. Call Ultimate Concrete in Ashburn, Reston, Sterling, Centreville, Gainesville and Fairfax, VA

When it comes to beautifying walkways, concrete walls, patios and plazas in Ashburn, Reston, Sterling, Gainesville, Centreville and Fairfax, VA call Ultimate Concrete in Chantilly, VA. This amazing method makes it possible for you to simulate the look of true weathered stone, marble, tile, and many other surfaces in just a few hours.

Unlike conventional paints or coatings that flake and peel, our unique formula penetrates and reacts chemically to become a permanent part of your concrete. Floors are so authentic looking, there’s no limit to what you can do.

This method is used to beautify walkways, concrete walls, plazas, patios and more. Choose from ten standard colors to create the right effect for your concrete project.

How does Acid Staining Work?

A chemical reaction produces oxide colors on cured concrete by reacting with the free lime in the concrete’s surface. The process produces a variegated look that is easy to maintain, is UV-resistant, and will not chip, crack, or peel. It also reduces surface-glare on concrete walkways, concrete driveways, concrete patios, and concrete entrances.

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Epoxy / Urethane Systems

Ultimate Concrete epoxy coatings are heavy duty, resistant to abrasion, impact, chemicals, and heavy traffic. Our Epoxy / Urethane System has superior adhesion to concrete, masonry, and steel.  In addition, it can withstand repeated scrubbing whether internal or external. Ultimate Concrete’s Epoxy / Urethane System has long wear life and proven performance and it’s USDA approved.

Another benefit to the Epoxy / Urethane System is it eliminates concrete dust problems which are perfect for those with allergies or are sensitive to those types of materials.  This product can be applied over garage floors, basement floors, showrooms, retail stores, laundry rooms and utility rooms.  It’s an excellent choice for any high traffic area!

The Ultimate Concrete Epoxy / Urethane System will save you money too!  By applying our Epoxy / Urethane system it will help to brighten up the environment that it’s applied to.  This reduces lighting usage.  Because of the strength of this product it means less wear and tear as well as reduced maintenance.

Customize your garage, basement or commercial space!

Customize your garage floor by making it reflect your love of sports. Deck out your garage with your favorite team’s emblem while beautifying and protecting the floor. We can embed any design or picture into your concrete floor for a truly customized look. Just think of how impressed your friends will be when they see your new floor!  If you have a commercial space, think how impressed your competition and customers will be seeing your logo displayed.

Epoxy coatings can even take on the look of Granite or Quartz beautifying any entryway, laundry room, or any other desired room.

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Deco Spray

Deco Spray is a process that allows you to create the perfect outdoor living space by taking your old, drab looking concrete and resurfacing it.  With Ultimate Concrete Deco Spray you can resurface your space with the look of cobblestone, slate, brick, or any other natural stone design.  Furthermore Deco Spray can be used in a variety of applications such as Indoor or outdoor play areas for a custom court, pool decks, basement floors, showroom floors, kitchen counter tops, entrance and pathways.  With Deco Spray you can even have a custom logo embedded for your showroom or retail space.

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